Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Merry Strasmas

(Editors Note:  this is sports related… if you do not care about sports, stop reading now… you won’t offend me.  Also, please keep in mind, this may happen often on this blog… )

Ok so growing up I wavered back and forth between rooting for the Mets and rooting for the Orioles.  My best friend Timmy and I played on the Orioles in little league, beginning my interest (that and Cal Ripken Jr.) in the O’s.   This was further complicated by the fact that my local minor league team (the Norfolk Tides) was a Mets affiliate who later drafted third baseman David Wright who went to high school about 3 miles from where I grew up.  Long story short, I didn’t really follow baseball that closely until the last few years.  It was then that I truly realized that of my two teams one was destined to get their asses handed to them for all of eternity (O’s) and the other is managed by the worst ownership/management team in the MLB…. [I was going to say in all of sports but then I laughed and thought about the Clippers… ]. 

I decided it was time to select a new team to root for.  I thought long and hard.  I watched a lot of games.  I ordered the MLB package.  I stayed up late to see Padres/Dbacks games.  And eventually I came to a decision.  It had to be the Nationals.  They are only three hours away, have a brand new beautiful stadium, their games are on TV for free, they have sweet new unis (, they have a great young team that I can root for (Zimmerman happens to be a local Virginia Beach kid) AND they had one of the best pitching prospects of my lifetime working his way through the minor league system – Steven Strasburg. 

Fast forward to last night.  Steven Strasburg’s major league debut.  The game was scheduled for 7:00 against the Pirates (gotta give the kid every advantage).  I sat down at 6:30, beer in hand, to check out pregame.  Two hours later,  Strasburg had gone 7 innings, given up 2 runs and had 14 strikeouts!  The third strike of the last K I was literally jumping up and down in front of my TV.  I do not remember any regular season baseball game I have been half that excited about.  I am very much looking forward to being a Nationals fan during the Strasburg/Harper/Zimmerman/Storen era.  

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Welcome Back Summertime

I couldn't be happier that it's summer.  It's flip flops and sunglasses from here on out.  Before this summer ends, I'll have spent two weeks at the beach in the Outer Banks, seen DMB live (again) and spent a week with amazing friends in Italy.  Seems like this summer has the potential to be even better than usual.  In honor of the warm weather, may I suggest a few of my favorite summer tracks for your enjoyment?

"All you really need, this time of year, is a pair of shades an ice cold beer and a place to sit somewhere near the water"

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cliff's Notes for My Blog Title

Quick explanation of my blog title.  During my formative years, I was fortunate enough to discover an amazing band called Saves the Day, whose music served as the soundtrack of much of my youth.  One of their best songs is called "Nightingal." and it's lyric "feel an ocean breathing waves" has always spoken to me in that it's both epically beautiful as well as evokes vivid memories of endless summers spent by the ocean.  I see this title as representative of my continuous search for peace and a consistent reminder to live in the moment  (am I getting too deep?  probably).   Anyway, check out the song, it does not suck.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The First Post is the Deepest

There are a few reasons you might be reading this.  First, it is possible (although not probable) that you know me personally, find me incredibly interesting and want to read more about the adventures of my life.  But let's be realistic... the real reason you are here is probably because one of my very interesting friends or family was nice enough to include my link on their blog.  Or, I guess the other possibility is that you are a complete stranger and have stumbled upon my blog by accident (read: stalked me), and stayed to see if you could find any cute pictures of my twin one year old daughters (totally understandable).  However you got here, thanks for the read.  I hope you find my story-telling, commentary and musings on the meaning of life somewhat entertaining.  And if not... well I am sure there is something out there on the internet that will interest you  (Might I recommend ?)